18th Century cottage

Ranmore Manor
Manor house door before.
Manor house door before.

Manor house door before.

The hinges were given a full makeover at the end.

Attacking the rough stuff with the festool RO90.

One of two drip bars before.


One of two drip bars restored.

Heating up the knots to remove resin.

Rotten wood removed.

Repair care Dry flex 4 resin used here.

Gnarly beading (this was an original section).

The beading after it had been reshaped by hand.

The old lock prior to filling.

Bulking the hole with wooden strip.

 Repair care Dry flex 4 in action.
After spraying the final coat of Teknos Futura aqua 40.

The two doors after first phase preparation.

Rotten section of door frame.

First phase of preparation on the frame.

Sealed the concrete ready for wood insert and resin application.

Repair care Dry flex 1 resin.

Levelled out with Repair care Super finish.

Frame after completion.

Sit back and admire.


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