Quality is the key to the service we provide, no matter how big or small the job is. We strive for it and will go to all lengths to produce the highest quality of work available. We only have one standard that we work to...Excellence.

Story time...

So we are by no means the cheapest. 9 times out of 10 our quotes will be the most expensive you receive. I fully understand that everyone wants a good deal (i love a good deal). We provide a service, not an item. If you went shopping for an item, let's say a television and two shops sold the same television but one shop sold it for £50 less, that's a deal (cracking deal). In that situation you are getting exactly the same item for less, with no drop in quality because they are EXACTLY the same item. Perfect!!!
Now here is the difference. We provide a quote for a service at say £1,500 and another companies price is £900. That looks like a great deal and a visual saving of £600 (huge saving). But what if i told you that due to the quality of the work we produce and the products we use the maintenance cycle on our work let's say for example is 10 years (give or take, room dependant). But the other cheaper work has to be maintained every 3-4 due to failing products and poor workmanship. The deal doesn't look so sweet now aye. That is a loss of around £300. There is a saying in our trade (actually in all the others as well) which goes something like this.... Good work ain't cheap and cheap work ain't good. Basically if you pay peanuts you're going to get monkeys (another saying).
Remember this story, it might save you a small fortune.

No not my own relationships... But rather the relationship with the customer. I'm a friendly, personable guy (so i have been told anyway) and i believe carrying on that attitude with my customers is very important. Having a laugh, cracking a joke or having a intellectual conversation about whatever is currently going on in the world is the relationship i strive for with customers. One where they are relaxed having me around the house and fully trusting not only in my ability to do the job perfectly but also on a personal level. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible with myself being in the house. If that means coming downstairs on a Saturday morning (yes i work weekends because i'm sad) in your dressing gown with a stinking great hangover and slouching in front of the TV watching Jeremy Kyle all day with a cuppa then crack on... Just be sure to put enough water in the kettle for me. That is the relationship i expect and 9 times out of 10 have... Because that's the way it should be.

So right now you are thinking what technology could a painter and decorator possibly be talking about. Paints, spraying, dust extractors, tool storage. All of these and much more. Technology in the painting and decorating world moves faster than you could ever imagine. Spending hours (of our own time may i add) researching the best Eco friendly paints and sundries to provide the best and longest lasting finish is critical. We put our well respected reputation on the line with these products and they need to do the job perfectly. Current spraying methods and machines, to produce the finest finish available in a shorter time period. Dust extractors and dustless sanders (quite possibly the most important of all). These help keep your living and my work environment as clean as possible preventing you and i breathing in harmful visual and naked to the eye dust particles. Also this equipment ensures preparation to all possible substrates is to the best standard achievable therefore enabling us to get the smoothest finish (less dust floating around means a better finish). The tool storage system we have is amazing (customers love it, and so do we). We are able to unload everything from the van to the house and back again at the end of the day (if they can't be left) in a record time. Most of the time we can get all the essential tools and materials into the house in around 5 minutes!! This basically means we can just get on with the job quicker and enable our work days to be much more productive (we all love productive). If tools were to be left in the house they are all completely stack-able and can be wheeled around if necessary, taking up no more than 3 ft x 2 ft at any given time....How about that.


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