Clean N Roll Test/Review

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So recently I was given the opportunity to test and review the clean N roll 9 inch roller sleeve cleaner. Being the first person in the UK to try this out I was super excited to have a play with it. First impressions went straight on its durability and they were positive. It is made of a super rugged plastic that feels like it could take a bit of a beating (great for having on site or slinging in the back of the van). The design is beautifully simple, a roller cage exactly like one you would use on a frame to roll walls which spins freely inside the bottomless cylinder. This is lined up next to a tubular sprinkler system which fans water 💦 up against the side of the roller, blasting the nap at just the right angle with an explosive jet of water (make sure tap is cranked right up). The angle of the jets is adjustable for different nap sizes by a push and lock handle. We have two options which are short/medium pile and long pile. Once the roller sleeve has been inserted (wear a glove it gets messy) and the correct nap setting has been selected you simply clip a hose onto the adaptor that threads into the handle. 

So we are all set up and ready it is simply a matter of hanging the bottom of the cleaner over a bucket, ensuring that it is slightly below the top of the bucket to contain all dirty water 💦. Pull the trigger and away we go!!!!

Does it work? Maybe not in a minute but certainly within in 5. It’s a roller cleaning phenomenon. Gone are the usual 15/20 minute rituals by hand, loading them up all in the washing machine or just chucking them away. All of which are extremely wasteful of water 💦 and damaging to our priceless planet (and expensive washing machines). Before cleaning the roller I advise scraping down the sleeve with the curved section of a 5 in 1 tool to remove an excess paint (as you would do when cleaning one by hand). Do so over the tin of paint used and the cleaning process will be dramatically reduced.

The only issue I can see with this currently is that the 9 inch core size is slightly smaller than the one we use here in the UK. The clean N roll being an American product for the American market hasn’t developed it for the UK market yet. This is only a small change and one that is easily done. I would also encourage the manufacturer to think about making them in 14 and 18 inch sizes as well. These seem to be more common these days and this machine would be great for reducing the cleaning time on those beasts!!.

At around $40 💵 on the US market this little machine will save you hours of roller cleaning, excessive water usage and wastefully throwing new sleeves away. A great investment for any professional painter and decorator, and i'm sure with a few development tweaks it will be well received here in the UK in no time at all.


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