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So this is my blog review on the wolf brush. Who knew doing a paint brush review could be so hard. Not only was the testing process difficult because I had to test it out in many different paints on various substrates over a decent amount of time (a month in this case), but then the review itself was hard and here's why. Being a perfectionist with nearly everything I do (work included obviously) means that I go into great detail about everything and can sometimes drag things out longer than needed. This in turn bores everyone half to death and they soon lose interest in what i'm talking about. This video brush review was a learning curve and I took a lot of information on how to construct a video review better by getting everything out in shorter time period but still producing a quality, informative video. So if you watch the video review above I do apologise on the length of the review....Who can spend that much time talking about a brush!!! Me that's who 😆.  

With this written review I'm going to break it down so you can skip straight to the section you are really interested in (is it any good) . So here we go.....

Wolf brush are an American company who produce quality, well priced painting and decorating finishing products (brushes and roller sleeves). They are from the looks of things a relatively new company in the painting and decorating sector, this in my opinion is a hard sector to break into with brands like Wooster, Corona, Purdy etc being firmly cemented at the top of the painting and decorating food chain (on a finishing level anyway). They don't currently have anyone stocking their products in the UK (being so new to the game). If you were wondering on where I found them then the answer is on Instagram (follow them @ After following them and seeing these beautiful brushes that I had never laid my eyes on before I just had to try them..... Yes I'm very sad. After a few back and fourth messages they agreed to send me some over to test out and do a review on.

The day they finally arrive I was absolutely buzzing to get my hands on them. Being the first person in the UK to try these brushes was quite an honour.
The brush keeper was quite simple (in a good way). A big logo at the top of the keeper makes identifying the brush manufacturer rather easy. Below this is a bit of information about the model of brush (alpha pro in this instance) and then the benefits this brush offers. 
Unpacking the first two things which stand out the most are the striking copper ferrule and black and grey bristles (never seen bristles like this on a synthetic brush).


We'll start with the handle. This is made of wood, like most quality brushes nowadays. Not anything really special. It feels nice to hold, and has a slight curve towards the ferule that the side of your middle finger can sit in quite nicely. 
Moving down to the ferrule which as stated earlier is quite striking because of it being copper. This style of ferrule is not so commonly used any more due to the fact they were renowned for rusting. Wolf brush state that this is a rust resistant copper which is quite a nice touch because rusted copper doesn't look too nice. The ferrule is held in place by three pins on both side of the brush. This means over a long period of time it will hold up to all the expanding and contracting that happens when it gets wet from repetitive cleaning and moisture that gets into it from painting. Having three pins is a sign of good quality brush making or at least one that'll stand up to a bit of abuse.
Now down to the bristles, although this is a synthetic bristle brush it looks like pure bristles out of the packet. They are black with the odd grey one here and there. Quite different to any I have seen before and a refreshing difference at that. The bristle blend itself is nylon pro/polyester.

Now to the part you have all been waiting for and obviously this is the most important part, after all what's a good looking brush that doesn't work well....well rubbish really. This brush however not only looks the part but it plays the leading role rather well. Now this isn't the best brush on the planet and to be honest I wouldn't say any brush falls easily under that title. They all have their limitations and this one is no exception. This brush isn't a great fine finish paint brush, basically I would't use it for trim work (not with water based anyway). Due to the firmness in the bristles and the overall size of them they aren't great for getting an ultra fine 'bristle free finish' on woodwork. 

However they do make for an awesome work horse on walls and produce a great finish as well. They hold a ton of paint and put all of that paint onto the walls really well, minimising the amount of times you have to load the brush up is a great way of upping productivity. 

Then comes the cutting in ability of this brush. Now normally I prefer an angled brush either 2.5 or 3 inch. That's just how I like em. Wolf unfortunately only sent me a 2 inch angled and a 2.5 flat. Not to worry, a slight change in my technique and I was cutting perfect lines with the wolf brush in a flat style. Because of its firm bristles it holds its shape really well all day long. It doesn't splay or start opening up if used for more than a couple of hours. I had this brush on the go without cleaning for up to 8 hours on more than one occasion and not once did it give up. Doing 8 hours of wall work whilst still maintaining its shape and cutting in super sharp lines in that time is a remarkable achievement. Not many brushes could do that and some of my favourite brushes can't even do that.


Now here is another great advantage of this brush. What if told you that after using this brush all day long (around 8 hours) it takes less than 5 minutes to clean, in cold water 💦. With virtually no effort!! You're probably thinking I'm talking waffle. Trust me I'm not.

The paint almost falls off the bristles it's crazy. So now we have a super productive brush on the walls and then one that cleans out super fast. Cutting down the time spent in the pot and cleaning brushes out enables you to get on with other work site tasks or get home sooner. 

To finish this I would like to add that I would not hesitate in buying these brushes should the opportunity for them to be sold here arise. They would definitely have a place in my brush box, and I'll continue to use the ones given to me. I also believe other decorators would like and buy these brushes, obviously not all (we all have our likes and dislikes). 

I would also like to give a huge thanks to Wolf brush themselves for giving me the opportunity to test these brushes and give a fully independent review on them.  


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