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In the painting and decorating world the paint brush still reigns supreme. Despite the fact spraying is on the rise you can never eliminate the need for a paint brush. It will always be needed, that's a fact. Whether it be the one that cuts razor sharp lines, or gives you that perfect finish on hand painted woodwork.

Usually us professionals like the more expensive ones, occasionally a cheaper option will pop up that takes us by surprise. But which ever ones you choose to use one thing cannot be avoided......Cardboard brush covers. WHY!!!!!

Why put an expensive brush, one that in theory should last about 2-3 years in flimsy cardboard. A brush gets cleaned multiple times throughout its life. In water or solvents, either way they get wet. Storing them in cardboard is not a smart move, not long term anyway. They become weak, they go mouldy, the cheaper ones turn to pulp. All of these things are not a good mix when trying to maintain the shape of an expensive brush.

These brushes for most of us are money makers. Even full time sprayers need brushes, and need to be protected adequately. The brush cover needs to last longer than the brush, not the other way round.

In walks Shield brush covers.

They are a polypropylene (plastic) brush cover. Such a simple idea. Why brush companies don't do this I will never know. They are durable, ventilated and take up no more room than a normal brush cover.

So we have the fact they are durable. With the cardboard cover you would struggle to put brushes in with all your hand tools through fear of ripping the cover. With these Shield covers being plastic they can take a good beating whist still protecting the bristles.

Ventilation!! Such an important but usually overlooked part of storing brushes. Obviously they get wet when cleaning and even after spin drying there is moisture still left in the bristles. If you put them into the old cardboard covers after cleaning (which is recommended) to maintain their shape then the covers get damp, mouldy and they start to sweat. Not to mention that over time it weakens the brush cover. Because the Shield cover are plastic they don't get weak when prolonged exposure to damp. Also a cool little feature is they have holes for ventilation so none of the other issues occur through storing a damp brush. No mould, no sweating and can be put straight into the cover after washing.

Storage of them is no different to how you would when you had a cardboard version. Some of you may be familiar with those bulky box style brush covers which are really aimed at storing brushes with paint on ready to use later or the next day. They are quite bulky in comparison so when you are pushed for storage space you want something that takes up no more room than the cardboard version. The Shield brush cover does just that.

If after 10 years of service your Shield brush cover is looking a bit sorry for itself simply put it in the recycling bin.

I really don't feel the need to tell you how great these are as I feel everyone can see that they're the real deal.

If you have expensive brushes like me and you want to look after them for as long as me then you'll be getting some of these. Simple.

Grab yourself a few and see for yourself. Available at


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